We hand craft each chutney with love in small batches to ensure we bring out the complex flavor profiles that makes them irresistibly delicious!

At the moment, our flagship chutneys are below. We continue to explore, experiment and develop new recipes so keep an eye out on this space for future releases!

Tamarind Chutney


Tart and Delicious!

The newest member of our chutney family. If you enjoy sour flavors you’ll love the complex sour tones in this chutney!

Sour and sweet with a slight spice finish. Made with the pulp of the tamarind fruit and then blended with organic sugar and spices!

Great as saute sauce for vegetables or proteins. You can substitute for a tangy barbecue sauce or even great on its on with just a spoon!

Vegan, Nut Free & Gluten Free

Ingredients: Tamarind, organic cane sugar, cumin, red pepper, black pepper, salt, black salt.

Cilantro Chutney


Spicy and Savory!

One of our OG flagship chutneys. Made with a base of fresh cilantro and then blended with spices to give it the signature spicy flavor!

The Cilantro Chutney goes well with just about anything you want to give a spicy kick to. Fries, burgers, sandwiches, pizza…you name it!

Vegan, Nut Free, Sugar Free & Gluten Free

Ingredients: Cilantro, vinegar, salt, cumin, red peppers, jalapenos, cumin, garlic, spices.

Mango Chutney


Sweet and Tangy!

Sweet with a slight spicy sourness at the end!

Fantastic on sandwiches, salads, pancakes, waffles, toast or even on icecream!

Vegan, Nut Free & Gluten Free

Ingredients: Mangoes, vinegar, organic cane sugar, cloves, caraway seeds, cinnamon, red peppers.


Chutneys may be our core product but we have some killer sauces to offer as well!

Masala Ketchup


Bold and Flavorful

Here at Punjab Spice Company we’ve always loved using ketchup with our meals but we noticed one big flaw of store bought ketchup and that was that it was full of chemicals, high fructose corn syrup and didnt taste like tomatoes! So we went about creating our own and those efforts resulted in the Masala Ketchup!

Masala means spice, so this “spiced” ketchup is a bold and complex combination of flavorful spices that enhances the taste of the food you’re eating but never too much to overpower it!

Great with burgers, fries, pakoras, samosas and anywhere ketchup is used. Once you try it you wouldn’t want to use anything else!

Vegan, Nut Free & Gluten Free

Ingredients: Tomatoes, tomato paste, organic cane sugar, garlic, fresno peppers, jalapenos, mustard seeds, cloves, ginger, tamarind, sea salt, cumin.